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Dual Processor Mobo?

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Nov 17, 2005
Yuba City, CA
Okay, I've been looking around Newegg a bit and spotted the dual processor motherboards. I know these are specifically made for servers, but I was wondering if you could use them for a gaming computer. If so, how would that work? Would it actually boost your FPS up to like 200 FPS, if you have like an X1k or 7800 card?

Just wondering, I'm a noob in the dual processor mobos. :santa:


Frustrating Senior SETI Nut!
Dec 9, 2002
CA- Not far from the Allen SETI array
Dual processors will not give much of a performance boost in gaming because most games are not designed to take advantage of the second processor. However, your other running applications could be run on the 2nd processor causing less performance drag for your game.

Some dual motherboards are now offering SLI, so gaming is definetly an option there. Shuttle also has a dual processor SLI offering.