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Dual pump question

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Nov 5, 2016
Hi folks,

My son and I are working on our first build together. We will be running two EK d5 PWM pumps, one for the cpu and one for the gpu. We are using the Asus X99 deluxe II mobo, which has a water pump header. My question is....where would I plug the second pump into the mobo. There are plenty of fan headers. Just wasn't sure. This is my first custom loop system.

This ^^.

My question is why 2 pumps for a loop that contains two items? It's not needed. I ran a D5 with 2 rads (3x120 and 2x120) to cool my cpu and gpu. So if you want to save a bit of cash (cost of second pump), return it and know you'd be fine with one. If you are concerned about a pump quitting and temps killing your PC, dont. It will shutdown before it hurts anything. It really is adding more cost/complexity for no reason. :)
Yeah, I know its overkill but this is a project my son and I have been planning for awhile and we are pulling out all the stops! Many decisions are being made for aesthetics as much as practical application. We are in the midst of the build currently so I will begin a build log today, if I can find the time.

Thanks so much for the reply. I'm sure I will have many questions as we dig deeper into this build.


Just put up the parts list. I will post some progress pictures as soon as I am able.
You could use a PWM splitter and use that to the header for control via BIOS/OS to make things easier. Actually better yet and more cost effective, they sell a PWM Y-splitter cable that I use for my two pumps in serial. Much cheaper then the SPLITTY9 even thought I have and use both. Before I forget, make sure your pumps are pulling power from the PSU otherwise these two splitters won't work.

Surely can't wait to see a nice build log filled with pics.