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dual tualatins

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May 23, 2002
unless you want tualtins for some reason I think that XP1600+'s would be better. yeah they got half the cache but you can OC em (either FSB or multiplier). but there also 120 bucks cheaper a piece, i'm not sure about the board but it's probably similar. you can even get 2200+'s 30 bucks cheaper then those tualtins (unless you have one already....)


May 26, 2002
Buenos Aires , Argentina
It seems that amds to be the rigfht choice in almost any comp i plan to make , but I finally choose Intel.
This must be because of teh advertising and the fame they have.
Apart from that, I do not really know what the heck ( mean frequency) is an xp 2200 or whatever , how do I know that?


Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
I agree with ATC9001. I'm a huge dual P3 fan, but P3's are just way over priced right now. You are really better off at a dual XP system with some nice fast DDR ram.

John Woo

New Member
May 1, 2002
I have the board mentioned above, ans it rocks. I use 2 1,[email protected],37 stable. Xmpeg gives me something around 40 frames/second which is pretty decent. I have a Hercules 8500 [email protected]/300 and MoH:AA maxes out @100fps with 1280/1024 everything on high. Had little problems first but the latest Bios fixes almost everything - might have been my fault though.


Caffinated Member
Apr 6, 2001
Mount Vernon, WA
donny_paycheck said:
BigRed has a dual 1.26S system that he just built using a MSI mobo I believe.
Yup, typing on it right now :D
I have that same board with 2x 1.26 512k p3s ENGINEERING SAMPLES :D
And I have some samsung pc2700 registered ecc ddr

Both cpus running at 1.45ghz, and if I can find the latest bios for this mobo that will allow a higher multiplier ill be able to pump it up to 1.5 or 1.6ghz. Board only has a 1/4 pci divider so i dont want to go over 150mhz fsb @ 38mhz pci. My data on my hdds is vaulable :p
Board is stable, although I dont think it and my 8500 play very nice. With my 8500 I get random lockups, but with a gf4 that goes away. I think my 8500 is just on its way out tho :(


Jul 7, 2002
For the price you could have a much faster AMD dually. If you just like Intel then the P4 Xeon would be a better deal.


Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Yeah... Price/Performance ratio on a dual P3 setup isn't the best. Plus, the upgrade path has a definite roadblock at 1.4 GHz. If the 256kb cache Tualatin P3's and/or the Celeratins had worked in SMP this might be a different story, but Intel being Intel, they shot themselves in the foot with enabling SMP in "cheap" chips. I think they're still sore over the whole BP6 thing.

The situation with duals right now is if you got the cash, go dual P4 Xeons, otherwise if you don't, dual Athlons is pretty good for what you spend.

(And if you're a cheapo like me, dual Durons :) )