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dually is down :(

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Jan 4, 2002
Brick, NJ USA
yep, my dual 2400 rig is down :( it has been for a little over a week now....i thought i would have been able to replace it by now but that hasnt happened yet....anyway i hope to get it replaced really soon....

that thing was the majority of my production....i have done the math and with most gromacs i would be able to get over 1kppw with just the dually....some have been close to 1.2-1.4kppw....but i have had some problems with its modem drivers so one of the cpu's usually ended up going to 100% for 8-12 hours a day so my production wasnt as strong as it could have been...BUT i FINALLY fixed that and i was feeling really good that i was going to be getting a lot more production! but THEN i said....why not put the multi back to stock and try to oc with just the fsb? (i had previously hardlocked the multi to 16.5, stock is 15) well i did that all fine but when i went to put my hs back on, the tiny tab thing on my hs BROKE OFF.....i use a socket driver type thing so that tab thing is the only thing im hooked on to when im working with it.....SO my socketdriver went right into my mobo and hit some soldering points.....it isnt too pretty....

anyway i thought i would let you all know this :) hopefully i will be back up to speed soon!

and um...any simpathy wu's you throw in my direction would be much appriciated as im being threatened MAJORLY of my current position! (and within the next weeks/month the top 50 : /)


Oct 17, 2002
Hey man, get that thing up and running!!! If it's off too long I'm going to catch you. Remember what I said a few months ago, I'll eventually catch you and pass you!



Mar 10, 2003
I stopped folding. I know, it's bad, but I'm having more problems caused by folding and visiting this site then I thought would be possible.

I may be back in a bit of time, but until then I think ISUuNFers lost it's two biggest providers. I need some time off to straighten things out.

Fold on.

- J