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Duals (Dual) Case Mod

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The Xtreme Senior Nobody
Jun 21, 2001
Still working on this and apologies for the bad pics, its the best I can do.
Now, info on system.
Tyan 2466 Tiger
2 x 1.3 Durons
256 Corsair ECC Reg (Soon to add in 256 Infineon)
GeForce2 Ti/450
~ Soon to add in a Radeon 7000 PCI
Dual monitors!~! W00+
Hauppage TV Card
Hercules Sound
iWill ata 66 RAID Card
~ 2 x 20gigs RAID 0 ~ Storage/Server
10gig OS Drive
Raidmax 500 PSU
300w PSU ~ 2ndary
DVD Drive
Sony CDRW Drive

Colors will be gold internal and Black external.
The reasoning behind the color choice was due to several new components purchased have been gold in color.
PSU, fan grills.
So, kinda just decided to go with it.
Pic 1
Front Panel Shot, as it will be.

Pic 2
Close up, under the left side, there will be a fan underneath the XS Grill. Behind the fan, will be 3 hard drives.

Pic 3
Right side. ROMs side and PSU for fans etc.
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Pic 4
First shot with how all will be placed before painting or modding.

Pic 5
Close up of the XS Grill

Pic 6
First shot after case has been modded for fan fittings and painted internally.
Pic 7
Top shot after painting.

Pic 8
Front panel after modding together, holes cut for 120 fans.
Also early paint stages.

Pic 9
Showing where the XS Grill will be with painting to it been done.
Im interested in doing something else with the front so it wont look so bland. Heres a thought on where to put my LED chaser kit I have here.
Thought 1

Thought 2
Ah yea, and a big Thanks to MrB for the use of his avatar in the making of that pair of images. :D
Ive thought about puttin the lights around the fan grill, but not to sure how it would look.
And yes, folks, this is the maker of that awesome XS GRILL BTW!!
JBell was supposed to contact you about taking over the XS Grill deal. Apparently he had not?
So far I hadnt gotten a real large response to them. There are a few that are interested, but theres maybe 1 or 2 folks that are interested in getting 2 or 3 of them. So Im not to sure as of yet. If you would be willing, I was going to bother you when I had a few extra bucks to make me a couple more and pay you for this one here.
IFMU said:
Ah yea, and a big Thanks to MrB for the use of his avatar in the making of that pair of images. :D

Thanks for the thought, but that's Reddeathdrinker's handiwork. ;)

He did a damn good job of putting that together, IMHO. :D
Excellent idea!

I have one case that is so huge I put 2 computers in it, but I never thought of modding two case together to make a cube!

Looks great so far man, and for the led chaser- if it was me I think I'd lean toward that spot above the intake fans...
For the LED chaser, what if you ran it up and down the middle of the case, where you stuck them together.
If it's a red LED chaser, slap it on the bottom of the front and call it K.I.T.T. [cue rim shot] I kid, I kid... Seriously though, that's an excellent idea. If I were any good at welding, i'd make a plate that covered the crack between the tops of the cases and put a couple chrome tube handles on it. :D
Kinda what I thought about fishy, just not to sure how it would look. Still debating. heh.
Its a blue LED chaser, almost a perfect match to the CC you can at least partially see in the pics. I thought about doing the welding, cuz I can weld! However, actually getting a welder of some sorts is a totally different story! Thats the main reason I just went with it as you can see it now.
Well thats a few more bucks then I can afford on adding in at the moment. Ive thought about doing one thing there similar to that. Take the XS grill and going around it with the LED chaser.