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Duct or 8cm fan?!

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Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
I installed a PEP66T on my Celeron800@1032 (129FSB) this weekend. Now the problem is that the Alpha is blowing directly at my side panel, causing a hot spot there. My case doesn't have any possibilities to add extra outlet fans other than the PSU fan. I have one intake fan down in the front panel. Now I'm thinking of taking my Dremel and cut a hole for a 8cm case fan in the side panel directly over the Alpha, or would a duct be better?! I feel that my case temps will get way lower if I can get most of the Alpha's heat out directly. I've included a look inside. Any suggestions are welcome...
Sounds like a good Idea (and exhaust directly over the PEP).

I suggest that you also add an additional inlet fan to balance out the airflow. One blowing on the video card would be a nice arrangement.
If your fan is sucking through the HS then duct it out through the side.

Then try reversing the fans flow and see what the temp difference is, it should be cooler if you duct directly in and onto your cpu as the air will be cooler than the case air when you are ducting out.

I recently saw a neat ducting mod where the guy used a 50mm plastic flange fitting from the Home Depot, it had a double wall into which he pushed a neoprene tube (from a cold drink can holder I believe), this then seated down on the HSF fan which was sucking air in. One added benefit was that the neoprene tube helped dampen some of the noise.
Ok I decided to go for the 80mm fan in the side panel over the Alpha. Indeed I feel like I need another intake fan also. I'm thinking about putting another 80mm fan down below the one that's over the Aplha now...
What do you mean by 'overpressure'? Is it having slightly more air moving into the case than out? I'm planning on modding my case with a Acrylic window in the side panel, mounting a 80mm intake fan below. Reverse the fan on the PEP66 and mounting a 80mm outlet fan as a 'shimney' in the top of my case. The airflow will then be as follows: two 80mm intake fans, two 80mm outlet fans (one is in the PSU), the Alpha blowing air into the sink, and a 40mm fan on my videoboard...
Lancelot (Mar 28, 2001 10:57 a.m.):
What do you mean by 'overpressure'? Is it having slightly more air moving into the case than out?
He means have more air blowing in to the case than exhausting. You only need to us "overpressure" if you plan to have all intakes filtered. If their is a vacuum inside the case, dust will be sucked in through all the cracks.

If your not worried about filers and dust and such, your probably better off with a vacuum. But it's your call.