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Ducting for CPU fan

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Jan 18, 2001
East St. Paul, MB, CA
I haven't done this, but was wondering if anyone had tried it....

If you have an HSF with a top mounted fan (which will be pointing sideways when mounted in the case) why not cut a hole in the side of your case and put a duct straight from the hole to the top of the HSF so that the fan on the cpu is using air thats room temp instead of case temp? I've seen people that have fans mounted on the side of the case blowing on the cpu, etc. But why not have the CPU fan intself sucking the air though a duct?

Anyone done this? Comments? etc?

Hmm heat rises, so you would be kinda fighting the flow, better to have air come from in low, cool the system. then evac out high via the duct or the back where it can rise.
You won't really be fighting it.... the fan is sucking in air as it normally would, its just getting it directly from outside instead of from the case. It would be exhausting it normally also.

I've made a REALLY poor quality diagram but try to imagine how it would really look mounted in a tower case....
Ducting works, but works better if done right. force the air in at the front of the duct, here's a picture of mine.
Is it really better to be trying to force more air into the cpu HSF? I suppose if the ducting doesn't go all the way down to the HSF (like a shroud or whatever)then any excess air will just get pushed into the mobo or whatever.....

Does your duct partially cover the HSF or does it just 'aim' the airflow.
Its just above the heatsink, you don't want to cover or go around the sides, that would stop the flow thru the heatsink.