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Dude! I'm gettin' an AMD

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Oct 28, 2002
Ahhh, thats better...
I've only had Intels, but the numbers (price included) are to good to pass up. I'm not sure of all the lingo AMD uses tho so help me out

Athalon (the full blown CPU)
Duron (kinda like the Celeron)
Thunderbird ?
Athalon XP?

also whats up with the RAM speed designation (P2100) what does that mean, and id it an AMD (MoBo) specific designation?

anybody ever purchase anything from www.newegg.com good lord those prices are SWEET!!!!

Anyway, I'll be joining AMD land by the first of the year (Currently Celeron 366 with an UNclockable MoBo) anything I should look out for?

also I have @ 400Megs of PC133 Ram that I don't want to waste so I'll be getting a MoBo that has room for PC ram and DDram, I'll eventually move up to DDram but not right away.
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Sep 1, 2001
Enn Jay
AMD's line right now is called the Athlon XP... that line is divided up into Palomino and Thoroughbred... The Thoroughbreds are also split into Revision A and B... the newest platform is the Thoroughbred Revision B, or TbredB... The Thunderbird was before the XP's..

Newegg is one of the best retailers on the internet... u won't go wrong ordering from them...

PC2100 = 266 Mhz DDR
PC2400 = 300 DDR
PC2700 = 333 DDR
PC3200 = 400 DDR
the type of memory u want to get depends on the motherboard you have

Also, if you're looking to wait a little, AMD's next chips, the Barton and Clawhammer, will be out in the 1st quarter of 2003...


Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
isn't PC3200 366Mhz and PC3500 400Mhz?

anyway, the XP's and Thunderbirds are Athlons. (Athlon is the name for the top chip like Pentium)
Athlon (T-Bird, XP) = Pentium
Duron = Celeron

also, Newegg rocks!! i spent over $750 there in the last 6 months. the prices are usually the best or very close to it, the service is untouchable and they normally ship pretty fast. i ordered a XP1600 a few months ago on a monday and i got it on thursday.

i have a shuttle AK32 ver. 2.1 (it's my dad's actually) i have had a Duron 750 overclocked to 800 (133X6) in it and now it has an XP1700+. so far it have worked pretty good.

i hope this helps :)


Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
IMHO newegg is great for everything except for motherboards. i have ordered 3 Epox and 1 MSI board from them and all 4 i had to rma.

they have a great rma policy tho

i have gotten my mobos from www.mwave.com and havnt had a problem their once


Dec 20, 2000
BC Canada
If you want a motherboard with both SDRam and DDR ram, get an SIS motherboard. I believe those boards support both. If not, you could just get a KT133 motherboard and keep for SDRam for awhile. The alternative is to trade in your PC133 ram for DDR-SDRam. That way you can see the full performance of the Athlon XP. PC133 tends to limit performance quite alot.


Aug 10, 2001
o and by the way you wont c the true power of AMD on pc 133 ram... do yourself a favor and go straight to ddr.... if you get a motherboard that supports both pc 133 and ddr then ur defeating the purpose of making a "new" computer because the motherboard will be ****... the best motherboards, the midrange motherboards are DDR ONLY the rest that support sdram are the **** motherboards... you can pick pc2100 up as cheap as pc133 but if your gonna make a new system i suggest @ least pc 2700


Oct 23, 2003
how much is your budget for your new rig????? If you have a lot more money, get the Athlon64. It is the faster PC on the market right now. And yes, it is faster than Pentium 4 3.2 EE in gaming.

Newegg rules.... I bought many different kinds of computer components and over 90% are from them. Excellent prices, and excellent customer service.

L337 M33P

Jun 5, 2003

And post reported :)

EDIT: This guy has bumped like 10 threads from years ago all with the same post o_O


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
He bumped a two year old thread for no reason at all with "need 50 posts to get my avatar!"

Took me a bit to see it.
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Nov 28, 2003
Appleton, Wisconsin
You know, it was fun reading old an "Athalon" thread, and finding someone from today wishing he could have an avatar. I commend him for making me laugh today.