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Duh, am i stupid? - please answer :)

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Apr 16, 2001
hey this may sounds like a stupid question, or it may not
but anyway...

i just bought a duron and its running fine and stuff, but i noticed the heatsink is only making contact with the tiny square in the center of the chip, and there are 4 little foam spacer things near the outside of the chip

is this right> wouldnt it make more sense to have the top of the chip flat

shuld i just get gobs of thermal grease and fil in the huge gaps> im puzzled

thanks for bearing with me!
No, do not do that. Everything is fine. The small square is the core where the cpu resides, the larger square is merely the carrier. The pads are to provide stability when you are mounting your heatsink.
Yep, just to the tiny square in the middle. I know it seems wierd but thats the way it is. Thats one reason it is so hard to keep one of these chips cool because there just isn't very much surface area to dissipate all that heat.
apply a nice thin coat of some goop. The core is where all the heat is generated. It is designed to stick up like that so it can be cooled better, although some people like me have a tendency to crush them.
btw, there are no stupid questions on this forum, and no matter how much of a newbie question you feel it is or anything, you will not be put down, never be afraid to ask a question here, everyone here treats the newbies well cause we were all one once.
Just make sure that you do NOT get any compound on the rest of the chip!!!! Especially if you are using Artic Silver.... But it should be enough to cover the core well/thin.

~trust me~

Duron 650 @ 800 on Abit KT7-Raid,
Coolermaster heatsink, 128mgs Infinion pc133 cas2 ram, 30gig IBM HD, TNT2 M64, Ensoniq audioPCI 64

Coolermaster heatsink, 128mgs Infinion pc133 cas2 ram, 30gig IBM HD, TNT2 M64, Ensoniq audioPCI 64