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Duke Nukem ------"Forever"

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Oct 30, 2001
Does any one know what has happened to this game?
Is it still due for release or has it been abandend?
It seems ages since I heard anything.
This is one game I have really been looking forward to I just thought the original was great especially the game play.

hehe I can remember being addicted to playing duke nukem and the original doom! Ah the good ol' days.... jeez I'm getting old :(
According to 3DRealms, it'll be released "when its done".

But if you ask me, it looks like its a dead project. From the video they showed at the 2001 E3, it kinda looked like they wanted to release it that year, since it was the 10th aniverssary(?). The video was definetly hot:eek: , and it looks like the game was/is complete. But now that another year has passed and no real news/updates about it have been released, I figure either they've run out of money to continue the project, or they've just abandoned it.:mad:
Even if they do release it now, the graphics will be so outdated. Unless they decide to use a new engine.

Which will push it back a few more years.
Oh Well ---"Sigh"--

Thanks anyway Guys

I was just thinking about the graphics engine as I was riding in from work. 3DRealms did "produce" Max Payne. What if they decided to dump the modified Unreal engine and go with the Max Payne engine? From whats been said in the 3DRealms forums, it sounds to me like the style of gameplay thier designing for (lots of cinematic cut scenes/events, ultra realistic), would go great with the MaxFX engine. If thats the case, I can see why they would need even more time to port over the graphics, levels, events, etc from the Unreal engine.
there are other games which are simply gone from news for example Thief III .. and what happened to IGI 2 ?? it was supposed to be released by now *shrugs*

Duke Nukem 3D was fun :D
Last year's video will definitely not cut it, if the game is released as is. It was relatively impressive, then, but the general poly counts looked pretty bad(the cars on the road, for example).

I wonder if they're going to switch to the Unreal 2 engine, now, since they've gone from the Quake 2 to Unreal 1, if they think I'm going to be happy with graphics on par with Deus Ex, they're sorely mistaken. It will be sad if we never see the game, but perhaps all of their huge levels and vehicle use will be overshadowed by games like GTA: Vice City.
Deus ex was my fave game of all time and i cant WAIT for deus ex 2!!!!!!!!! it is supposed to come out in may 2003 i think so not that far off relativly speaking
Yeah nothing can ever beat Deus Ex ... except maybe Deus Ex 2 since it's gonna be advanced in the graphics department.
Duke Nukem Forever would have been a great game... 2 years ago. I for one wont have any time for this out-of-date game, I'll be playing UT2003, Wolfenstein.... and Doom 3 !