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dumb linux noobie

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May 31, 2001
Omaha, NE
Aight, here be my problem...
I just installed Redhat 7.2 with GNOME and so far it seems everything is ok. Everything but the fact that i cant get my nic to install or my D: drive to mount. I have a NetSurf NIC with a realtek RTL8139 chip. if anybody could help me i would forever be in their debt....not literally
i'm not sure about the network card (never had to install one in linux, redhat 7.2 detected mine automatically). as far as mounting the d: drive...i'm guessing you mean the cdrom. what i always do (since it is so easy and quick) is to right click on the desktop, go down to disks, and click on "cdrom" (or whatever you have it titled) and it should mount it for you. it would be a good idea to get used to the console command for mounting though.

command is this: mount /dev/cdrom or mount /mnt/cdrom. this works for me, at least. it seems i've seen many more complicated commands for mounting but that's all i have to do. for unmounting, say umount rather than mount and you should be good to go!


EDIT: just for the record, as linux goes, there is no dumb question. we were all newbies once (some of us still are ;) so its a learning process for us all). stick with it and it will become a very rewarding experience, believe me!
actually my D: drive is a media drive that has all of my mp3's. When i try to mount it, linux says that kernel doesnt support FAT32???? whereas my friend said it should support FAT32. so im just overly confused right now
you'll have to check with some of the more experience members (i'm sure they'll see this thread as they stop by later on) because i'm not positive....but.....

i don't think that if a file system is formatted for windows it will be viewable in linux. the two types of file systems are completely different so i'm not sure if it is even possible

What distro did you install?

Try `modprobe vfat`, then mounting again.
the kernel can support fat32, but did you tell it to include it or not? I don't know how to include it unless you build your own kernel, but however you get fat32 working, should be similar to getting your nic working (you just need the driver to install).
Yea, I doubt he's built his own kernel. Thats why I'm asking about the distro. Most mainstream distros should have fat32 support in them.
he says he has redhat 7.2. I have no knowledge of the redhat system so i'm useless.
well, i was using redhat 7.2 but i got in way over my head with linux. so i decided to jump back to windoze until i get a better working knowledge of linux. in the process of getting windoze back i found out why i couldnt mount my media drive, linux kinda destroyed it so i lost about a thousand mp3's and some movies. I took it as a good learning experience and plan on trying linux again in the near future, on a different hard drive. Thanks for tryin to help.
is it 100% destroyed as in it was formated? if not, you might still be able to get your data back.
yeah, in my terms destroyed equals formatted. so i lost a ton of music and stuff and i hope i can find it all again.
yeah, it just stayed in fat32, which is kinda odd. so i wish i knew what exactly i did to make it do that. *scratching head* :confused:
About your NIC...... the driver for realtek chipset are 8139too.o just add this line to your /etc/modules.conf file :
alias eth0 8139too

you should have the driver, im running rh7.1 and i have it. if you dont have it i wouldnt mind emailing it.