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Dunno wat fan to buy HELP!!!!!!

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Jun 22, 2001
Hey all o/cERS!
I'm new to tis sit this is ma 1st time postin a letta i wanna ask all pro o/cERS this:
if i buy a Tbird 1.2 (266FSB) then what fan will be okay if i o/c it to something around 1.4 (not watacoolin) my only request is that it has to be QUIET QUIET & QUIET
pls help me out i can't decide to buy which fan and my brian's gonna burst soon
pls help me out!!!

Well I think its Mr.B that says 'Loud Fans save CPUs'

That bassicly means you are not gonna get top notch performance out of a really quite fan. Although there is one that is a bit expensive, the Millenium Glaciator is one of the top 'quiet' fans out there.
So how bout the following fans:
which one's the best??

Global Win CAK38
Fop 32/38
Noise Control Silverado
Alpha pal 6035 mfc
and does artic silver help out alot?
i want no sound with the case cover on will a tiny bit will be acceptable
The Noise Control Silverado is a known performer with a quiet signature. AFAIK, it is not directly distributed in the US, but you can order it from Germany.

The other HSFs you listed are not quiet, but they are effective, both in performance and in price.

Arctic Silver is the best HS grease available. It is not a miracle concostion, but since you will need some grease anyway, you might as well get the best. One container will last you a lifetime. It is money well spent.

You need to assess your threshold for noise tolerance. Overclocking, with effective air cooling temperature control, goes hand-in-hand with noise.

the global win 38 is loud as a jet. it is a very good cooler, however. if you want something that is very qiet and very cool, water colling is the way to go. I just threw together a watercooler for 70 bucks, which is a lot, but not as much as I expected.

40 bucks, water block
35 pump
5 arctic silver
a didn't use a radiator becasue I had a 10 gallon fish tank lying around, and there is enough water volume that it doesn't need to have a radiator
Global Win CAK38 = Loud but a great cooler.
Fop32/38 = Both are good coolers, but not sure if a Fop32 is up to the task of cooling a 1.4ghz tbird.
Noise Control Silverado = Quiet and a good cooler.
Alpah PAL6035 = With a Sanyo fan its quiet and but not sure if it will cool your processor that well.