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Duron 1g vcore?? hlp please

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Jan 13, 2002
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I checked the faq above and the link there shows an older 700 duron. I want to raise my vcore. Does anyone have a link that shows which bridges to close? All my L7 bridges are closed. Any help would be great

I have a duron 1000mhz morgan core

Also I just smeared asII all over the d*** thing OOOPPS. Hope it wont hurt. boy that stuff is hard to clean off ceramic!!
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With all L7's closed I do beleive that sets your default voltage at 1.85v. You may or may not be able to raise your voltage higher than that depending on your mobo.
Yep, that stuff ain't easy to clean off, but you certainly should. I've used isopropyl alchohol and denatured alchohol. That isn't too hard, just let the chip dry well before crankin'er up..........don't wanna make it go "puff!" :D
L7's closed on older durons is 1.85 but I have a morgan core 1g. Flounder helped me out with a link here http://www.ocinside.de/index_e.html?/html/workshop/socketa/xp_painting.html that shows the L11 bridge is the one I needed to mod. Thanks Flounder. I used acetone (nail polish remover) and one of those new battery operated toothbrushes to clean the asII off. It would not come clean though. I made sure the bridges and such were clean and booted er up. No problems so far. Not a real stable oc yet but I dont think the asII has anything to do with it
Thanks for the reply