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Duron 700 @ 900 1.80v Abit KT7 = HOT!!!

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New Member
Jan 6, 2001
i overclocked my cpu to 900 but it gets to 55C.I already added an xtra large heatsink to the side of the original smaller heatsink.The heatsink and fan are from AVC.I wanna jump to 1Ghz but now it's already so hot!What should i do?Is there any DIY cooling solution besides TEC and water-cooling?
Go for better case cooling - just add a couple of big (120mm) fans, one sucking in at the front and one exhausting out the back (more if you like). That ought to drop your case temps by a good few degrees. And the cooler the air flowing over your heatsink, the cooler the heatsink and the cooler you cpu. Easy!

You could also check the interface between the cpu and the hsf - make sure the heatsink is sitting level on the core, and use just a very thin layer of good thermal paste - arctic silver is what everyone uses. That probably won't drop your temps by more than a degree or two though, so first and foremost concentrate on your case cooling.
Yep, check that case cooling.

Ok, here's my setup for comparison.. I'm running a Duron 750 @ 843 at the moment (so not as much of a jump yet) however my idle temp is 26c.

This is with neat rounded cables inside, a lapped TaiSol CGK742, Arctic Silver, 80mm front fan, 120mm top exhaust fan and an externally mounted PSU. Nothing too exciting, no peltiers, no big blocks of fans..

I was amazed by how much of a reduction in temp I got by looking at and trying the articles here, so gave a good look around inside your case and see what you can do.