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Duron 700Mhz temp

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New Member
Feb 1, 2001
I'm very worried right now about my Duron temp. it's not overclocked and Right now I'm getting 60ºC in a room at 27ºC. When the room go up 32-35º, my CPU's temp grow to 66ºC. I'm using a standard heatsink and I want to reduce the CPU temp. What can I do???? Am I killing my processor????
that's pretty hot. I have a unclocked t-850 with a chrome orb running at idle 40-43 c
Overclocked AMD + Stock HSF = High Temps

Get a better HSF...its gains are probably what your looking for in terms of cooling...
What MB is this? If you're using the Asus Probe, I've found that the reading is too high. I switched to Motherboard Monitor and it agrees with the Bios temperature whereas AP was reading around 10C higher.
I'm running 43C max with my duron at 1gig, 2.2V - watercooled :)

Of course you don't have to turn to watercooling to drop those temps; there's a few things you need to look at:

1) The hsf itself
2) The thermal interface between the hsf and cpu core
3) Your case cooling.

A better hsf will definitely help your temps drop - a Globalwin FOP38, an Alpha PEP66 or PAL6035 will be great. It looks as though the best hsf out fo socket A at the moment is the swiftech MC462, though it's very pricey - http://www.swiftnets.com/MC462.htm .
If you want to keep your standard hsf, take it off and clean whatever thermal goop is between it and the cpu. Scrape it off with a credit card or plastic knife if you need to (leave the cpu core alone of course), and wipe any excess off with a tissue. Lap the base of the hsf flat - keep sanding with progressively finer grades of sandpaper until you get a mirror finish (tape the sandpaper to a sheet of glass to keep it perfectly flat). Then get some arctic silver thermal paste, and apply it in a really thin layer between the hsf and cpu.
As for better case cooling, this is the most important part IMHO. Get at least 2 120mm fans, one as an intake at the bottom front, and another as an exhaust at the top above your cpu. Cut holes the size of the fans in the case so their airflow is unrestricted, and this should drop your temps down to low 50's.
Once you've done all this you should be seeing temps below 50C, hopefully close to 40-45C. 66C probably won't kill your cpu, but it's far from being a good thing :)
My TB 800 is overclocked to 1000 and it is running between 44 and 47c, using a FOP38 (very Noisy fan though I think that I can get use to it), and cheep grease. I first tried that stupid Super ORB and it ran between 47 and 55c. Without grease it ran at over 63c.
My case temp goes up about 3c with all of the covers on. I am going to cut a hole in the case where my exhause fan is and add another intake.