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Duron 750 on a GORB... what would the temps be like (in C)??

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Dec 20, 2000
i'm gonna get a duron 750, and i have a gorb right now. i'm just wondering, what would the temps be like? it put my celery 400 at 28 max load 25idle.

Rob Cork

Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
Woodcote, UK
I'd have though 50-55C with a gorb. You clearly have good case cooling, so it'd probably be a bit below 50C, but I wouldn't expect miracles. The gorb isn't designed for socket A cpus, and a lot of people have crushed their cpu cores with the strong clip on it. With good case cooling and a good hsf like the Globalwin FOP38 or Alpha PEP66 you could get temps around 40C - I'd seriously consider getting a new hsf, cos gorbs (generally) can't cope with oc'ed AMD cpus.


Feb 2, 2001
My TB 800 is overclocked to 1000 and it is running between 44 and 47c, using a FOP38 (very Noisy fan though I think that I can get use to it), and cheep grease. I first tried that stupid Super ORB and it ran between 47 and 55c. Without grease it ran at over 63c.
I still havent lapped the heat sink yet, and I am not sure if the artic silver will help much but I am also going to try it.


orbs are for rookies, get a Globalwin fop 32-1 or fop 38.
www.coolerchips.com has the fop 38 for $22 and the fop 32-1 for $18, I havnt bought anything from them yet, but their prices are good.


Senior Member
Jan 20, 2001
With the posts that I've seen on AMD cooling, there seems to be a bit more urgency in monitoring their cpu temps. The majority of temps listed are some 10 to 15C hotter than my p3-700 o/c'ed to 900.

Thank god my gorb clone is more than I really need.