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Duron 800 mhz

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Apr 28, 2001
I have just bought a Duron 800mhz with an Abit case KT7A mobo, I have clocked it to 1ghz and the CPU temp is 27c, is this running ok or is it too hot
that temprature seems ok to me as i also run a Duron 800 at 1000 mhz on a Abit KT7A-Raid motherboard @ 1050 mhz and my CPU temp is 32 c , system temp 23 c and is stable.

Duron 800 @ 1050 mhz with Global Win Cooler
Abit KT7A-Raid Motherboard
512 mb Ram
Elsa Gforce 256 with Blue Orb, core @ 132 mhz, memory @ 174 mhz
Sound Blaster live
you guys are luck to reach 1ghz. no matter what i do, i can't go over 972 with my duron.
I am using a Global Win fop-32. and and 4 psu fans on the case
cel950, if you use good memory , hsf and conductive pen it should do 1 gig. If you mess up on the conductive pen use denature alcohol and it would clean up the mess
27 C idle temp is not bad @ all.... you might wanna try the Register 52 hack using WPCREDIT and WPCRSET just for the heck of it to see if it lowers your idle temps... it worked on mine.

cel950 (Apr 28, 2001 03:29 p.m.)
you guys are luck to reach 1ghz. no matter what I do, I can't go over 972 with my duron.

I had the same situation cel950 until I changed my hsf (Now running a Global Win fop-32). I do also have a full tower running 5 case fans and am now running stable at 1050 mhz (cpu temp = 37 c, system temp = 24 c. 'Loaded' ) The case is being louvered this week which hopefully will allow me to go higher
nystar (Apr 28, 2001 05:41 p.m.):
I am using a Global Win fop-32. and and 4 psu fans on the case

I was able to get to 1gig with an FOP32, when I changed to the newer Global Win WBK38 I now run it at 1.1gig along with a 3 / 4c temp improvement.
I have about the same setup, Global win FOP32, 800 Duron, KT7A, 384 MB PC133. I have amanaged to get to 1015 Mghz with it (7*145) at 38C idle, but my temp under full load goes up to 52 C when using Sandra's burn in wizard. It also does not seem entirely stable (could not install Office 2000 at that speed). I may have messed up when I unlocked the chip also, as the 7.5 multiplier does not work (boots up as 7.0). Maybe I need another case fan (running only 1 now)

Running Duron 800@1030 (7x147) Global Win fop32-1. Idle 22C Case 23C 44C full load. 1 x 80mm induction fan, 1x 80mm exhaust fan and 80mm side fan ducted on to FOP + PSU exhaust. Have run stable at 1060 (1.82 vcore)but that is it. Even with 1.85V vcore it is totally unstable and temps 52C @1070
Has anyone done the voltage modification on the Abit KT7A-Raid mobo who is running a 800 Duron and did it allow you to get higher than before
i have 4 fans in my system, duron 800@960 taisol heatsink+36 cfm fan, cpu temp 55, case temp 34
Im running my Duron 800 @ 1050 with a ground fop-32 with a Y-tech fan and five 120 mm case fans on a sperate PSU and only hit CPU temp is 32 c , system temp 23 c now days (it drops another degree if i use a delta on the hsf)

I should use the spell checker more often :/