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Duron 800MHz Can't Overclock to 1GHz????!!?!?!

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New Member
Jun 20, 2001
I am a newbie in overclocking....Hope you guys can ans my question.

My computer is newly brought, with AMD Duron 800Mhz.... I would like to overclock to to about 1Ghz, but the Duron processor, seems can't allow me to do so, I have checked the temperature of CPU, it is 50'C at normal speed(800Mhz) after opened about 1hr, then i try to overclock it to 900Mhz , opened abt 1Hr, is around 54'C, but the system is still stable, then i try 1Ghz, it can't open the computer at all, so i release it to around 920Mhz, it is ok, but the CPU temp is around 57-58'C....so I think there is a problem, acturally i have put the high quality CPU cooler, but then the temp seems still doesn't give any changes at all.........so you man think wht should i do??>.<
OK you need o give some info fist.
ARe you changing the multiplier? or FSB only? or both?
What kind of heatsink? thermal paste?
What is your motherboard?
How did you unlock you duron?
What is your Vcore?
What is your VIO?
Or anything that you may have changed
OR anything that can give MORE DETAIL on your setup
I have tried FSB b4, I can maximum tune it to only 116Mhz at FSB, so the speed should be abt 8*116=928Mhz with Vcore is 1.65V...the temp is abt 57-58'C after opening an hour, then I tried to make the multipler by, 10*100=1G with Vcore 1.7V, it can't open the computer, then I tried 9*100=900Mhz with Vcore 1.6V, the temp is about 53'C....i feel it's quite dangerous, so i use the normal once, so the last one is:
But the temp is still 53'C................I have no idea of this........I unlock the Duron by draw the L1 cache with Pencil, but I think there isn't anyproblem with the drawing....
I use the mainboard is Magic-Pro(MP-7VIP-DR), maybe you guys haven't heard of this before, but this mainboard have tested with other kind of mainboard like ASUS, etc.... It is the best one overall in overclocking, by wht the research said, it can perform stable for Duron 800 to run at around 1.2Ghz..........but me only 900Mhz............
I have used CPU cooler, it is thermaltake...maybe you guys dunno abt this banch.....but i hope you can give me some info wht my comp going on...

here i give all the details of my comp at normal speed:
CPU: AMD Duron 800MHz
Mainboard: Magic-Pro (MP-7VIP-DR)
Display Card: Magic-Pro GeForce 2MX 32Mb
Memory: 128Mb DDR Ram
This is the normal condition of my computer, the results temp is 53'C for airconditioning....

After Overclocking:
and others is the same, while temp is the same too, is 53'C...but seems there isn't an obvious change in the speed, so should i tune it down, or try to do some others things.??? I just wanna step down the temperature first.......later then overclocking, because i want stable now....!! Thanks!!

Well, if you got any kind of fan is good, please introduce them to me, pls!!^^
try the cpu database on the front page. it is a great indication of which weeks/codes are good and which are bad. By scrolling thru a large cross section you can get a feel for what to expect. It ain't science but it can be pretty accurate.

On second thought the week/code section for the 800 is SUCK, Never mind
There are many good CPU coolers: WBK38 (Loud!), Taisol CGK760, Alpha PAL 6035MUC and Swiftech MC462A . There are a lot of other great coolers, so surf the net, and find some good reviews.
Good luck
Well now is better than before, I can get the max at around 960Mhz, although compared with u guys are low, but i think is a Happy message to me already, now I just leave the CPU at 933Mhz, the system is stable enough, but the temp still remaining at quite high level, it stays at 51-53'C after i opened the computer for about 2 hrs....so is there anything i could do??