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Duron 850 at stock. Which HSF?

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Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
Seattle, Wa
Howdy, virtual friends and neighbors.
I'll have a Duron 850 soon, with an Epox 8KTA3, or more likely, an Iwill KK266 under it.
I really want an UN-overclocked box for a change of pace.
Running a box without any temp monitoring appeals to me.

With this in mind, I'm asking for your opinions of two HSF's. I'll have 100 cfm of case volume throughput. I don't expect to run a cool-ish Duron with 30 cfm throughput!

I have a old PEP-66 that can be relieved of its four feet. Choice of Delta 38 or YSTech 27 cfm 60 mm fan. Obviously, I'd rather not listen to a Delta--been there done...

As the PEP-66 isn't really designed for Socket A use, I'm somewhat reluctant to use it. My quandary: The PAL-6035 is a wuss, compared to a PEP-66. I'm thinking that a 27 cfm 60mm fan on top of it won't cut the mustard.

Unfortunately, I read at Millisec.com-- that the 60mm to 80mm fandapter that Millisec sells(a la HighSpeed PC) isn't PEP-66, and by extension, PAL-6035 compatible.

After more close shaves than I want to admit recently, I just don't want to mess with any GlobalWin Socket A HS. I wrecked a Slocket while in/uninstalling a FOP-38 recently. Worse, after installing a FOP-"92mm" last week, I saw immediate shutdown temps--I doubt that a Duron/T-Bird would have survived!

Does anyone know if the 60mm to 80mm fandapters sold by Overclocker's Hideout will fit a PAL-6035? Or if HighSpeed PC's fandapters fit on PAL-6035's?

I'd like to avoid the expense and weight of the imported 60 to 80mm fandapters that Plycon sells---however, if that's my only option for a PAL-6035...

Jeez, this is a complicated post. SBT!
Go with the pep. If you are willing to buy a hsf get a thermoengine with a YS Tech fan.
Thanks for the advice, William. Think I've decided on the Duron 850 cooling setup. a new "V2"(it means a stronger clip) PAL-6035. One 60-80mm fandapter from Millisec(it's the one that HighSpeed PC sells) and a 42.5 cfm Sunon 80mm. Already have the AS, for small contact area-of course.

Sheesh. $48.50 for cooling a $62.00 processor. Perhaps Atthlons/Durons aren't as cheap as we think they are!