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Duron Morgan

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey again all,
Quick question, My 2nd rig has a 1 gig Duron. Yet in sysoft sandra it says that it is 997mhz...why do some progs give diff readings of clock speeds? Does this mean that I do not have a Morgan Core? This also happend w/ my 750 Duron..diff progs gave lower readings than my bios...eventually I found that it was a spitfire but I forget which prog told me so.

BTW..gotta say again How much I love this forum...great community, even if it is only Virtual:D


Dec 11, 2001
Orange County, California
From what i've read most 1gig durons are morgans.
I had a 1gig morgan duron that registered at 997mhz in sandra and mbm5. No biggie though, 3 mhz is so minute, i cant tell the diff anyway. Even oc'd it to 1120mhz and i still cant' tell the diff in performance (lol) not unless i see the bench #'s in sandra and 3dmark. I also do notice some differences/fluctuations in clock speed between programs but very small from .5 to 2mhz.
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Jul 31, 2001
i think it would be the case of the motherboard. sometimes they run a little off 100. for example, sometimes the pci bus is set at 32.95 instead of 33 to make it more stable.

could be wrong.