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Duron Spitfire SMP

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New Member
Mar 17, 2002
Cambridge, UK
I've got a spare Duron 900MHz which is about 6 months old and want to buy another one with a Tyan Tiger MP motherboard i've seen so i can build a SETI box. so what i need to find out is whether a "new" Duron 900MHz will work with my current processor.


King of Cats Senior
Feb 2, 2001
Chicago, IL
You need a morgan core Duron (1ghz+) to work with smp. Spitfires won't work, or if they do it probably won't be unreliable and definitely won't be supported.


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
the spitfire cored durons can work in smp but its hit and miss and even if you get a hit it isnt all that reliable. id say a morgan core for sure the problem is that if you want the duron 1ghz morgans your gona have to search cus alot of people try to play original durons off as morgans. anything thats 1.1ghz or better is definatly a morgan though.


Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Dual spitfires will probably work in a TigerMP or a Thunder K7 but they definitely will not work in any MPX board.

And regular durons are super weak sauce when it comes to SMP anyway.... just get some Morgan's. They're a world better.