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Duron600@980, air-cooled -- 28C max!

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Dec 17, 2000
Yup, Duron600@980, 1.7v -- 28C max, its air-cooled and using a stock hsf. Room temp: 19C, motherboard temp: 15C.

The max temp is measured with CPUBurn running for 40 minutes.

Last night after the 6th or 7th trip between the computer and the wood stove, trying to keep one cool and the other hot, I figured there's gotta to be better way....

So I built an air duct to bring in outside air (right now at -18C) and supply it directly to the CPU fan. Materials: cardboard, two 1-litre ice-cream tubs (for hose adapters), a cardboard box to fit in the window, one poster tube, 8 feet of 4" dryer hose and lots of duct tape.

My window is the 4-pane type you can slide open from either side. I opened the inside pane on one side and duct-taped in the box, which has a hole on the outside for intake and an ice-cream tub on the inside for exhaust (bottom cut out of course!). Then open the opposite, outside window about 1/8". This way the intake isn't exposed to the outside and won't fill up with snow!

Next I made an adapter out of the other ice-cream tub and cardboard. This fits into an empty 3-1/2 drive bay. Inside the machine is a duct (leading from the drive bay) made from a section of poster tube and more cardboard that forms a shroud over the CPU fan. (Oh, I used packing tape inside the machine instead of duct tape).

I figure I've got at least 2 months before having to come up with the warm-weather solution!
Update... made a few improvements to internal ductwork, insulated the dryer hose and added a 120mm fan in the window. At 980MHz I dropped as low as 23C. Currently I'm doing 1022MHz at 1.75v. With Seti running background CPU is 29C, motherboard 15C.
Any chance of a few pics? If you could, you might be able to submit an article, and get famous that way.

Hmm, not surprising you're having to keep restocking the wood stove. Carboard boxes aren't usually the best insulator in the world, and go soggy when wet!

P.S. Sorry about the Dan Impression:¬)}
Your probably right about the cardboard boxes, especially the wet ones :) But the double-pane window trick protects it against any direct exposure to the elements. My one concern is that during blizzard conditions snow may be sucked in.

Actually using cardboard was only meant as a prototype. If it worked out I plan to re-do everything in some more durable material -- maybe clear plexi.

And speaking of working... an update:

Today the outside temp rose to +1C, from about -12 to -19C the past few days. But my CPU hasn't risen over 34C (with seti running), and I'm using a stock hsf -- hoping the PAL is here this week.

Maybe I can borrow a dig. camera and do some pics... but I might wait until after the 'permanent' installation... pictures of a cardboard box aren't that inspiring :)