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dust filters

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Feb 2, 2001
Has anyone tried using the dust filters??? Do they reduce the amount of airflow into the casing by alot?? cos i am not sure if i should get one... cos i need alot of cooling and i don't really want dust clogging up the heatsink at all...
I would recommend dust filters on any intake fans in your case. They don't seem to impair airflow at all, and the aggravation of continually removing dust,(which traps heat) is not worth going without. BTW, check out SurlyJoes scotchbrite fan filters under Case Cooling in Tips and Reviews.
where can i purchase them in australia??? the dust filters seem unavaliable here at all....
Scotchbrite TM, Marca Registrada pads are green scouring pads that are used in the kitchen and wherever else you need a tough ally that's good at scratching crud off of whatever. They have a rather open weave, appear to have flat surfaces and are very rough to the touch.

Generic copycats are available in the US, but they aren't as rough and don't last as long. I'll be surprised if an equivalent isn't available in Australia. Because of their open weave, they don't hinder air being sucked into your box much. I doubt that they trap very small dust particles, but I don't have first hand experience with them.

There's a guy that posts on the BBS at http://www.overclockers.com.au who's possibly the world's authority on using pantyhose for PC air induction filters. He was a SysAdmin at a girl's school in Oz, having plenty of discarded pantyhose came in handy. If you have a wife or GF, this makes getting pantyhose a bit less embarassing, I should imagine. They don't seem to last long, so the world isn't starved for used pantyhose. I think you're supposed to wash them before you use them.

Another option is using the anti-static tear-away sheets that are used in clothes driers. It's suggested that you use them before taping them in place over an intake fan. And there are filter holders/fan guards as well. Dunno about those.