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DVD playback issues....

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Feb 13, 2002
I have an ATI 7000 (pci, will put in AGP card soon, got this to eventually put in sister's comp) and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz in a PIII 1.0 w/ 1GB RAM on an ECS D6VAA-R using a 12x creative DVD drive.

My friend has a AMD K-62 533 with a Radeon 32 MB and a Sound Blaster Live! with 256MB RAM on ??? board using the same DVD drive.

We are both experiencing the same problem. When watching DVDs they tend to pause,skip,morph, and causepopping sounds. What might this be. Are these cards not fast enough for smooth DVD playback? (Res set @1025x768 on 17" mon, problem also occurs @ 800x600) It shouldn't be a driver problem. I removed my previous drivers. He has done a complete reinstall of the system.

I have not gotten the latest drivers yet (no time). Are there a best set of drivers, or are there other possibilties? I have onboard sound (not disabled). He does not on this system (though he has a Celeron 550Mhz system that does and it has the same problem with the Radeon and Sound Blaster when they're in that system). I run w2k server and he's on w2k Pro.



Oni-ni-Kanab;, Ninja Hippo eater Moderator
Apr 5, 2001
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
Sounds like it's a slow system bus problem. Try installing the latest drivers for your motherboard, and turning on UDMA if available on your DVD ROM drive. That should help you.


Sep 7, 2001
yea dude i have the same problems. I even tried to buy a seperate dvd decoder card but it only helped a little. One thing i notice is that during freeze ups, the green light on the dvd rom does not blink, it just stays on. It cant be the cd cuz its clean and this happenes to all my dvds. Is there a way to buffer this crap before i play the movie?