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Dvd probs on mx400

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Aug 27, 2002
I would have searched, but dvd is under 4 letters so it wouldnt let me. Anyway, right now my dvd machine is a 400mhz k6-3, with a gf2-mx400. Without hardware acceleration, it runs well but for a few blips, which i didnt like. I turned on hardware exel, and The begining screens and menu were fine, but when it got to the movie itself, it had very bad hiccups and distorted colers everywhere. I know someone had this problem b4, but i cant search for dvd.


Gloriously Lead, Overclockix Chief Architect
Sep 26, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
i hate to say this, but it is probably just the computer. an amd k6-3 isn't that powerful... there is a lot of data to be interpreted from a dvd so it wouldn't surprise me if it was the computer that caused it itself...


Apr 1, 2003
Doylestown, OH
mbentley is right. 400MHz is the base minimum for software dvd players. Here is a few suggestions:
Make sure everything else is closed in the background
Make sure drivers are updated
If you can, in the DVD menu's, use 2channel sound instead of 5channel
Go into your advanced properties in the Windows Display Properties and turn everything to Best Performance and not quality.
I think its time to upgrade :(
WHat program are you using for dvd playing?? I use powerdvd xp and it worked great on my (old) pentiumII 400mhz with an onboard ati rage.
Hope this helps.

repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
As the others have stated, you're using a system that is marginal for the application. But I think it can be made to run smoothly, you'll just need to tweak it for the maximum possible performance.
Go to this site, http://www.blackviper.com/ , and turn off all unecessary XP processes. I'm assuming that you are running XP.
Make sure that all video and memory settings are set to the fastest possible speeds in the BIOS.
Overclocking the system a little couldn't hurt.
The motherboards L2 cache (which is now L3 cache with a K6-3) may be hurting more than it is helping. I've found that it limited the FSB on some socket 7 systems I've overclocked. Try disabling it in the BIOS. If it doesn't seem to make a difference though, I'd leave it running.
As Jupiter mentioned, a different, possibly less resource intensive, DVD program may help.

What motherboard are you using? Does it have proper BIOS support for the K6-3? If you can find a newer BIOS than what you have, it wouldn't hurt to update. If AMD features like Write Allocate aren't supported, it will limit the CPU's performance