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DVD rom MELTING my discs

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Give me a break Senior
Jul 12, 2001
To be honest none of my CDs or DVDs have actually melted yet but they sure get pretty f^ck:ng hot! (Am I allowed to post f^ck:ng here?) Sometimes they are almost hot enough to burn my skin. The techies at sony (Whom it was almost impossible to contact, if they handled their product as poorly as they handle their customer service they would never have lasted a year!) assured me that DVD roms are expected to heat up DVDs and even CDs because they use a much stronger laser even when playing standard CD roms. I remember reading a post somewhere about modding a DVD rom drive for better cooling but I'm not sure where. If anyone here has done this I'd appreciate hearing about it. For reference the model I have is the sony DVD-ROM DDU1211. If anyone has any suggestions I'm listening.
DVDs do get hotter than CDs, but hot enough to burn you? That would have to be over 130 F. That's a little warm to me.
I had an old CD-ROM drive that would warm my CDs quite a bit. Not near enough to burn, mind you, but still a lot warmer than normal... That was a slow drive! Something must have happened to it when moving...