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DVD sound is choppy

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Oct 29, 2003
houston, texas
i am trying to play the matrix reloaded on my computer and the sound is choppy. can yall please give me all of the possibilities of what it could be.


Inactive Moderator
Dec 17, 2000
Portland, OR
can yall please give me all of the possibilities of what it could be.
First, a few questions for you...
1. Which OS are you running...if a MS OS, have you installed all the latest critical updates?
2. What model MB...latest BIOS revision?
3. Make and model of sound card?
4. Sound card driver verson?
5. Intel chipset driver version, and Intel App Accelerator installed?
6. Version of DirectX installed?
7. DVD make and model?
8. Have you tried playing the movie at default clock...and if so, what were the results? :)
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Apr 20, 2003
San Fransisco, CA
On-board sound?

If so you can try to get new drivers or put a small heatsink on the southbridge.

BTW your SP-94 is only cooling to 49*?!? My stock HSF gets up to 53* @ 3.0Ghz. Just as an FYI to check to make sure everything is copacetic.