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E6400 @ 3.8Ghz 1.4720v (56K warning!)

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Nov 21, 2005
An e6400 at 3.8 is nothing fancy i just wanted it to share with you guys.

So I had a free day today and I didnt had any plans to go because i already did that a couple of days ago en wasted all my money :D So that means overclock time!! YAY!

I set up all my sexy equipment.


That looks like a great cooling solution! And it is!!


So it begins!

I started at 440 fsb because i already knew it could handle 3.44Ghz (430x8) so im of at 440 fsb, everything goes well, apart from it being unstable, i just added a few volts. From 1.3250 to 1.4010 so it gives me some more headroom, just to be sure, or else i had to restarts all the time to take those little steps.


cpu vcore: 1.4010v
nb vcore: 1.55v
ram voltage: 2.35v

The next step was 3.6Ghz (450x8) and as you could see in the previous pics, the one with 10/9c, i succeeded getting and being stable at 3.6ghz. Since I reached my point my minimum, so I had to go on!

And I did.
3.8Ghz (475x8)!!!

cpu vcore: 1.4720v
nb vcore: 1.65v
ram voltage: 2.45v

Its completely stable and ofcourse I want to go on, so I restart and put it at 480fsb.....nothing happens...I add some voltage to the cpu...nothing...screw that! I slam 1.6 vcore thru that cpu....nothing.... :( :( O well, 1.7 vcore ftw!!! and still nothing happens..maybe i had to set the multiplier at 7 but then i had to work on getting the fsb much higher... Didnt feel like it, so i just stopped and found to be 3.8Ghz the point where my little but fast e6400 tops out..maybe on another board i can achieve a higher oc but for now its oke.
3.8Ghz for something that left the factory at 2.13Ghz is pretty good. :D

I want 4Ghz so badly :(