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Eagle's Home Brew Domain Development Build & Upgrade

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So , I was placing a new psu in my NAS box. I took time to reconfirm the configuration of the storage devices, m.2 devices. Curious I went further to find why: when the mb first arrived there was no onboard hdmi output. Second, the board wouldn't boot a memory kit in dual channel configuration.
Long story short I kept looking and I found a bent pin on the socket intel 1200.
I've been able to straighten pins on a cpu before using a razor blade. This was my first attempt straightening a pin on a socket. It didn't work out.
The board was purchased from Newegg as open box item. Not sure if it arrived with a bent pin or not.
At least now I'm not in the dark.
Purchased the same item new with 2 day shipping.
Boooo, that stinks. :(

I wonder what function that pin was for. Side point, I dont imagine one bent pin was the source of all those issues?

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Thats a list of ipv6 gateways tunneled through ipv4
its a free service from Hurricane Electric
And the tunnel gateway im provided is the only gateway currently down
Screenshot 2022-09-17 094424.jpg

This is a screenshot your looking at of my current network adapter on Windows 11.

Screenshot 2022-09-17 095807.jpg

This screenshot is a command line of how Windows 11 only supports DNS over DoH natively for now.

Whether your a client or server the processes and services using TLS is certainly good practice if not required moving forward.

Windows 11 Insider preview has support For DNS over TLS Natively without third part apps. Heres a link to a guide.

DNS over DoH taxes the system with a slight performance hit due to the fact it requires an additional translation/listening service.

Screenshot 2022-09-17 100751.jpg

This is a remote site that uses your webbrowser technologies to get details about your system.
Heres a link and the address also is in the screenshot.
Improperly configured DNS can result in your system at home responding slow.

The idea, back to the point of advertisements, is that any user is likely to revist the same internet locations.
A single copy of DNS queries can supply and verify a user's activity.
Big Data has what they need. Its up to the user to advance their own evolution.

Any traffic that is not implementing TLS and is forwarded across internet nodes is in fact vulnerable to snooping, easily as its not encrypted.
Forwarded unencrypted traffic, such as dns, could be a point of sale to anyone interested in purchasing demographics.

TLS is just good practice in good faith.
So................. to dumb it down further to digestible chunks............ this means what to users? It's a good thing, at least for sending information out unknowingly?
Altho it's incredible to think dns has had little to know tls support , it's a definite move in the right direction comparable to a security update and it most likely means little to a common end user.
Instead of Deleting all domain data from the 3rd party domain reseller and registering custom nameservers locally at the reseller -

Tryin delegated subdomain glue records with locally delegated subdomain of a subdomain.



Subdomain and Subdomain of Subdomain.
Hosting both sets of name server directly.
see how this goes
Messin around. Fun Fun
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Drilled out some air intake holes in the area of the psu.
This allowed me to turn the psu 180 degrees and also the psu no longer draws air from the cpu area.

These are lower cost Server Chassis so no foul.
With the warm season approaching , i thought it a good idea to try this simple mod.

Didnt require much more than a cordless drill/driver and a 4" grinder.
Modifying a 2U chassis with a 130 TDP aircooler.
All over the place with stuff.


Took and drilled/ground vent holes over the air cooler.


Be Quiet Shadow Rock Low Profile Air Cooler
Theres the cooler installed. DDR4 memory under the cooler.
the modules can only be 1 1/8" in height.
thats measuring from the top of the ddr dimm on the motherboard.