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Easy to configure Layer 2 switch

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Jan 13, 2005

I've been tasked to find a switch to use for my work that will replace the existing ISP controlled hardware we are leasing. I'm trying to find something 48 port gigabit that isnt a complete bear to configure (i.e. no cisco telnet stuff). the company i work for has no network admin, i'm a "legacy systems admin" to aide in getting to the 20th century and this was just plopped on my lap. my boss knows i am not very network orientated, some know how to set up a basic network but not much.

the lo down is this:
Currently we get internet, phone and network equipment from one company and they jerk us around and take for ever for requests for changes to be made while we are paying them to make those changes.
its arranged as:
Entry point, VOIP gateway, Router, Poe switches, phones are managed by the same company

its planned to change to:
Entry point, router managed by current ISP
Switches managed by us in house
Phones managed by OneTalk (Verizon)

We've been assured all we need for OneTalk to work is just a connection to the outside world, no subnet required.
Internally we have no servers just networked printers and everything else is out on the puff in the sky. Any file sharing is handled off site as well.

I'm hoping i can just plug and go and let the router handle DHCP but if i need to trunk (?) to the router i need something that isnt a bear to set up for when i leave.
Used is more than ok (nonprofit budget here) and PoE is not a requirement any more, theres power for the new phones at each location


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
I think that this is perfect for Ubiquity brand. Lower cost commercial grade and less complicated than other managed resources. There will be a learning curve of course but the cost of entry into the market as a user is much lower in dollars and time and mental energy.


Feb 7, 2003
HP makes good managed switches that can be found 2nd hand cheap. They have gui for management, pretty easy to use. Dell n-series are also fairly cheap used, have gui for management. We use a ton of them at work. Anything labeled "smart switch" is probably going to have a stupid simple gui to use for setup and may or may not have a console port (most smart switches dont)