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EEKK!!! Internet problems!

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Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
I can browse the net fine, always connecting, but then, about 30 minutes later, the connection goes dead... cant do anything, and to start browsing again, I have to do a full restart! I have XP, and all settings appear fine, all drivers seem ok... Now, this is embarrassing, coz my job is working on a helpline for BTOpenworld, an ISP, on their Technical Helpdesk!! Obviously this would be very weird looking if I had to ask somebody at work about this! Anyone got any help?
Is you rconnection with BTOpenworld ?

Does this always happened? I've heard stories like this where it is a problem at BT's end.

Have you got another machine you could try to see if it is just the machine.

btw Its nice to see another British face around here.
That bit is fine now, cheers for the chat on ICQ! Now I just have to reboot if I want to reconnect!
Click on Start - Select Run
Type 'CMD' click OK.
In the command prompt type 'ipconfig /all' this will show you the full information about your dhcp.
The last two lines should show you when your lease was obtained and when it expires.
If it is only a 30 minute lease (this is possible) then this is the problem. Contact your ISP and ask if they can change the lease length on their DHCP server in your area.
Also you can get a new IP lease in XP by typing 'ipconfig /registerdns' at the command prompt. (this also works for Win 2000)
Another method is to go to the control panel - double-click on 'Network connections' (if you dont see the icon, look on the left side of the page for 'Switch to Classic View' and click it) - find the icon for your internet connection and Right-click on it and select 'Repair'. This will do the same thing as a Release/Renew from the command prompt.
Admiral Fraser said:
That bit is fine now, cheers for the chat on ICQ! Now I just have to reboot if I want to reconnect!

Could you be kind enough to print what you did to fix this problem. There a lot of help desk emplories out here that might be interested . TIA
Looks like this did it... This was happening as well... so I did it, but I have to reboot on the two hour disconnection thing if I want to reconnect ok, and so it doesnt happen... STill needs fixing further so I can reconnect and still keep going...

If Internet Explorer (IE) 6 is slowing to a crawl and/or hanging and starts to use 100 percent of CPU time it may well be a corruption of the "Temporary Internet Files folder". In particular, trying to delete Temporary Internet files via Tools, Internet Options or other privacy software seems to trigger this behavior. Also, attempts to view files in the Temporary Internet Files folder may show the folder as already empty when it is not. This behavior occurs because the Temporary Internet files database is corrupt.

The Temporary Internet files aren't really files but entries in %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat. Deleting that file solves the problem. This same problem has occured for NT users and the fix works for XP.

1. Open a command prompt window on the desktop (Start/Run/command).

2. Exit IE and Windows Explorer (iexplore.exe and explorer.exe, respectively, in Task Manager, i.e - Ctrl-Alt-Del/Task Manager/Processes/End Process for each).

3. Use the following command exactly from your command prompt window to delete the corrupt file:

C:\>del "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local
Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat"

4. Restart Windows Explorer with Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del/Task Manager/Applications/New Task/Browse/C:\Windows\explorer.exe[or your path]) or Shutdown/Restart the computer from Task Manager.

IE should now work properly.