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Eheim Compact Pumps

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Oct 10, 2002
Dallas, TX
I've touched on this in another thread, but thought I'd start a new thread to keep it on topic.

I was considering the Eheim 1250 Pump for my WC setup, then saw this -


Has anyone used or heard anything about these pumps??

Is 1000L/h enough power for 3 waterblocks? (CPU, GPU and Northbridge).

The reason I'd prefer this over the 1250 is that I'm using a Lian-Li PC65 Mid-tower and space is at a bit of a premium!

That's a submersible only pump. If I were you i'd remove your reservoir and use the space for an inline 1250. Just MHO :)
What's the advantages/disadvantages of having the reservoir??

I thought it made life a lot easier than having a sealed system with no res???
I use an Eheim 1048 pump on my AMD dually (dual XP1600's @ 1800 MHz). Two CPU waterblocks and a Geforce 4 waterblock. Works great in my system. I prefer the 1048 over the 1250, because the 1250 puts a LOT more heat into your water. Granted, this heat may be removed, due to higher flow rate, but it's still heat and noise.

1048 works for me. CPU Temps are 35 and 39 at full load, average, occasional spikes to 42. I run 3 instances of F@H 24/7, so my CPU's are always at full load.

BTW, I run all my blocks in parallel, not series.
Seeing as the Eheim Compacts are so small, could I use 2 in 1 reservoir?

One for the CPU and another for the GPU and Northbridge???
Somebody on another forum has suggested that if I was to use the 2 and join them into one at the rad, the pump with most resistance would struggle.


Does this make sense?