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EK predator 240 vs bequiet silent loop 280

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Apr 30, 2017
i've been asking a lot of questions on this forum, and I really appreciate the help. This will probably my last inquiry concerning my pc upgrade.

Right now my core 500 is rocking a i7 4770k with a dark rock pro cooler. Temps go up to 86 degrees overclocked to 4.2, I saw 98°C when going to 4.4-4.5.
That's not really healthy so I decided I need a aio, and found a new be quiet silent loop 280 for 95 euro. However just now alternate.be has
an EKWB EK-XLC 240 outlet, costs a 130 including one year warranty.

I'm pretty sure it will fit but it will be tight turns on the tubing, the psu will be in the way, so the tubes will have to be on the cpu side. The 140mil casefan will be mounted
outside on the back pulling air in and the aio acting as exhaust.

Now the only reason I would want the EKWB is because I could fit a vega card (whenever they come out, bc of freesync monitor) with a waterblock down the road.
Do I need a reservoir to be able to cool both cpu & gpu? Because that defently wouldn't fit and will need some ghetto mods.

Right now I'm leaning to the bequiet, it's refillable but not expandable (I think). Easier and more vertical clearing, although less horizontal space. Who needs dvd drives anyway
What is your vcore? Those temps seem high for a top end air cooler like the Dark Rock Pro if you are only overclocking the CPU to 4.2. Are you using the "Auto" overclock in bios or are you tuning the settings manually? Is this the Dark Rock Pro 3?
The pro 2 and it might have a damaged plate. Vcore is manual and 1.27 for 4.2, stable enough. 4.4 is at 1.3
Close this thread I bought the silentloop 280 and works like a charm

EDIT: sorry for bumping, I thought it autocombines 2 post's of same user in a row
Close this thread I bought the silentloop 280 and works like a charm

EDIT: sorry for bumping, I thought it autocombines 2 post's of same user in a row

Works like a charm.....like...what are your temps now?
My issue with the 4770k is that at some point it doesn't matter how good your cooling is. It is not a problem for AIO or high end cooling. Your IHS/heatsink or IHS/AIO could be infinite, you will still run into a thermal wall. The gap between the IHS and the CPU -- along with Intel's mediocre TIM -- give the 4770k a thermal wall. That's why I don't bother to put my best heatsink on this.

OP -- please don't be too disappointed if your new AIO does not give you fantastic temps. It will only do that if you delid.
80 degrees full load. Not bad considering that the case is fully packed (2x 3.5inch drives, 3 2.5inch & rx480 with 3 fans

Vcore 1.29 @ 4.4ghz. Good enough for me, on big air I got 95 degrees at 1.27 @ 4.2

Regarding thermal wall, that's a shame. Is it the same with the re-fresh? Not that I would bother upgrading. Next pc is going to ryze the bar higher