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ek Pump Won't Circulate Liquid

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Jul 26, 2021
Yesterday I filled & flipped the switch for the first time to start filling my loop, but then this happens. VID_20210726_083548820.mp4 - Google Drive No tilting, shaking or other crazy case movements will get the liquid to flow through the loop. It makes it to the top rad, then a subtle amount gets to the cpu block, but no further. The weirdest thing also happens, that I've never seen anywhere before. Once I turn off the switch to my PSU, & set the case back up right, all the liquid flows back down, then up into the res. I'm currently waiting for RMA & other tech support from Performance PC's & ek to diagnose the issue. I've tried a few things like draining the res, which works fine as expected, but opening any fittings or plugs to release air won't help at all. I know the liquid makes it to the GPU block, so that's a good thing. Though, it's not clear to me what the actual issue is. I'm super confused by this... Pretty sure I'm gonna have to rebuild my system, from the ground up again to test everything, & mind you I haven't even gotten the chance to power up my mb yet to see if it works~ Any feedback is very much appreciated rn, as I had to take today off to troubleshoot this nonsense. Thank you~


Prior to filling I did a leak test with ek's Leak Tester from my GPU WB, there was an immediate air drop, so I redid the entire loop to find the leak, which I did. I didn't push in the brass tubing in far enough near the inlet on the top of the res. I filled it about .35 bar, then did two 15 min sessions before calling it a solid loop. Properly released the air, then let the system sit for awhile before filling in Primochill Sys Prep. I did plug the GPU WB obviously... I mean this could be many things. Airlock defect in the GPU WB preventing further liquid from going through the loop, which would suck! The top is rad is possibly corroded after cleaning it with Primochill's Rad Cleaner, so it's creating another air lock. The pump is a no go! Maybe the wiring to the pump is faulty? The PSU works because it's giving power to my RGB fans & front case led. Pft... If I would know what it could be, as this is my first PC build...


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Air locked in the system somewhere is the(my) best guess... gotta rotate the case all around and knock it out.
I've had this happen. It's definitely an airlock somewhere which is why the water recirculates back to the reservoir once it is turned off. A proper loop should have a fill port at the very top and a drain port at the very bottom.

In the airlock that I had, I had to open one of the top rad plugs just enough to allow the air to escape while it was filling. The good news is once the water made it past that point the air was able to be pushed all the way to the reservoir for proper venting/filling.
Doesn't seem to an airlock issue, as I went to go pickup an extra evga psu today to do the rolly polly with my system inorder to get out the supposed airlock, & to my complete surprise. The evga psu gave my pump power, & now it circulates liquid through my loop without any issue. There seems to be an issue with my Seasonic psu giving power to my pump. I thought I had ruled out this issue yesterday, as I used the stock cable to give power to my pump through my Seasonic psu. It didn't do anything, so I'm really confused now with what's going on now...
Any advice on bleeding my loop while I troubleshoot the issue with my PSU?