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FRONTPAGE EKWB Launches EK-QuantumDelta2 TEC CPU Cooler for LGA1700

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Nov 1, 1998
Late last week, EKWB launched the EK-Quantum Delta2 TEC CPU cooler for Intel's latest LGA1700 socket CPUs. Designed for maximum single-core overclocking and better multi-core overclocking than water cooling alone, the EK Quantum Delta2 TEC relies on the Peltier effect to reduce temperatures below ambient. The cost for EK's latest TEC cooler is quite high, so this is not a cooling solution for enthusiasts on a tight budget. EK is accepting pre-orders now with an expected delivery date later this month. How much is it you ask? Ek expects the MSRP to be around $540 US dollars.
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I mean its cool and all, but at that price point why not go full on phase cooling?
Phase cooling takes a much larger set-up and is very loud. But I agree the price makes this thing completely unattractive. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get my hand on one to play with, but I would never buy it.
I I remember right tecs needed a separate PSU to power them. Can newer PSUs power them now or did eVGA figure a way to downsize the separate PSU?

With all the gimmicky stuff eK is releasing lately I'll wait for some other brands to release before giving one a shot.

EDIT: eK sorry about that..
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EVGA? This is an EK product. :)

It's powered by a PCIe (6+2) cable... so, I'd imagine it's 150W or less?
Yes, it should draw less than 150W. Another concern I have is this product is socket LGA1700 specific meaning it will only be usable for a few upgrades, unlike liquid cooling components. At least LGA1700 is a new socket and should be around for a few generations. It is also possible that EK will (and certainly should) make adaptors plates for future sockets.
Most blocks like this are only going to be good for a specific socket anyway. Unlike AIOs and other CPU blocks that (in many cases) just needs a backplate for compatibility, the mounting posts on the block are static so if the holes change on the board, my non-mechanical-engineer mind doesn't know of a way to make it fit. Many CPU blocks and AIOs are flexible in that manner and why a different backplate and perhaps different height studs allow for even more compatibility.

But yeah, you get this, you're all in on LGA1700, eh!? The good news is that LGA1700 has a couple of generations left.
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It says 210W max load so that's a fairly beefy TEC. They spec it only for heavy single or lightly threaded loads, so I see limited utility in it outside of maybe some benching.

At least with today's PSUs powering the TEC isn't an issue. Nice plug and play kit.
I'd buy the rubber gasket on the CPU block if I could. Might help to reduce condensation on a subambient build I'm planning.