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Electrical conductivity of dried blood?

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Apr 10, 2001
St. Louis, MO
I was installing a new drive in my case and cut my finger pretty bad on the side of the drive tray. Needless to say i jerked my finger back as to not drip on the board but alas gravity is faster than i am. Its an IWill KK-266 board and the drip nailed the bios chip. I got the majority of it up but there was a bit right next to a capacitor that i couldnt soak up. The board is still under warranty so i could return it with no questions(the drop is tiny but it connects the side of the capacitor to the board.) Of course, im scared shitless to turn it on until it dries but im curious if it will short out the capacitor. Anyone know if dried blood is conductive? Sorry about the grotesque question but someone else has to have had this problem.
What about dousing the area with Acetone(nail polish remover)? I've done it to the chip and it evaporates away with no probs... maybe you could(unplug first!) pour some on, 'washing' the blood to a more readily cleaned area. I've never tried Acetone and motherboard together, though... I'd try seeking a second opinion.
Well, if you were taking "Geritol for iron poor blood" I would be concerned. Otherwise I wouldn't worry.