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Electrical interference with USB?

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Jul 7, 2013
I feel the need to preface this by saying I'm not smoking anything.

So, recently, my mouse started dropping out on me at seemingly random times. And I was like "Huh that's weird" but didn't think anything of it, because I'm on AMD, and I remember that being a thing for 1000 and 2000 CPUs. But as it's happened more and more, I've noticed it happens when I turn my box fan on, off, or change the speed. The fan is plugged into the same surge protector as my PC. I've actually specifically tested this by repeatedly changing the speed on the fan, turning it on and off, while moving my mouse back and forth, and when it drops out, it always comes back after changing the setting on the fan a couple of times.

I can't even begin to imagine what the hell is going on here, does anyone have any ideas?
Never heard of that one. My only idea is to get the fan off the power strip.

EDIT: Have you tried anything? I'd start with something basic, like swapping USB ports? Maybe try different ones or a front port to see if it still happens. Otherwise, yeah, move the fan off the strip.

Worth noting I don't recall an issue with AMD and USB ports with Zen1/2.
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at my last job i had a user that was getting random dropped USB devices that i couldnt figure out remotely.

come to find out they werent telling the whole story and they had just that day started using a USB powered fan that was pulling so much current it caused the controller to drop different ports at random. the plastic around the port was warped from the heat coming from the connector, i'm surprised any USB worked after that.

so not necessarily electrical interference but maybe if you have a lot of things plugged in over USB and your boards getting older it can supply the current any more to keep things going and the mosue is the one it prefers to drop.

the mouse isnt wireless right?

as far as zen USB problems there was something that came up when i was troubleshooting my X15 Evga mouse on their forums. something like this:
but the article says 3000 and 5000 series CPUs on 4 and 5 series chipsets and your like me, using a 2000 series on a 450 chipset. i think they just had problems in general with their mouse though.
the razer i replaced it with is working fine