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Electron Microscope III v2.2.0 (Update)

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The WeatherMan

Apr 15, 2001
Plano, Texas USA
Added Auto Update for Protein data file.
EM no longer needs write access to client folder.

This version has some fairly major internal changes added to take care of the two major new features in EM. Please be sure and let me know if you notice anything weird.

EM will now automatically check for protein data file updates when you have the Check For New EM III updates box checked in the options menu. When EM finds that there is a newer version than the one you have, it will download it and install the file. Within 30-60 seconds of doing that EM should be updated with the latest information available. The next frame update will display any new information. If you want to force this update to happen, go to the options menu and remove the check from the box and then select it again. This will restart the auto update timer from zero which is the same as restarting EM. If there is a new update out there, EM will get it.

For those that have been concerned about having the F@H client folder set with read/write access, you now no longer need to have write access to your F@H client folders. This may affect your display of the information displayed about the type of CPU and its speed. You will have to create this file (speed.emd) yourself and you will not be able to update the file using EM while write access permission is off. When you first set up EM, you might want to turn on write access. Once you finish adding your boxes, save and exit the options menu, then turn off the write access. EM will function normally. The file structure for some Linux and OSX files is different than windows and EM is doing a conversion on those files. EM was using the folder to write back newly configured data, but that is no longer needed, so write access is not necessary anymore. To make a speed.emd file, just use notepad to make one line containing the CPU Type and Speed in Mhz like this:
AMD: 1645 Mhz or Intel: 2466 Mhz

It's just a single line of info. If you're running Windows, any version, you can put the speed.exe and the EMGetCPUinf.dll files into the F@H client folder and run the speed.exe program. It will create the speed.emd file with the information it gets from your CPU.

I hope this release will ease the minds of those folks who either can't allow write access or don't want to allow write access to their Folding folders.

Please remember to press the old donate button and give me a hand with the costs involved with the web site if you can. Many of you have donated and it is very much appreciated. Thanks also to those that have donated other things like protein files, detailed bug reports, graphics, and also those that worked so hard on the language files that help make EM easier to understand for those that do not speak english. Danish should be available soon, and I am working on a Portuguese translation also. I may even have a Russian translation before long. I'm also working on more features... it never ends.

Enjoy the latest and greatest! :D

Get the latest version here: http://www.em-dc.com

Great work TheWeatherMan. Now if i can only become as productive as you, i guess i need to pratice how to sleep in between blinks like you :)
Thank you larry, the no write access will make it ten times easier for me monitoring comps at work!

thanks for the hard work larry!

I just posted a new, updated language file for EM III.
Danish has been added to the list of supported languages.
I have started doing a Portuguese translation, but I haven't finished it. What I have translated is included. Anyone who speaks Portuguese and would like to help out, please feel free to take a look and email me.

Thanks! :D
Just posted a new protein info file for EM III and a new updated Language file with the latest changes to the Danish information.

It has the same schedule as the version update which means midnight your local time. If you want to force an update within 30 seconds, you can go to the options menu and either put a check in the box for the auto version check, or you can un-check it and then check it. Either way EM will download and save the latest version and load it.

Please report any issues encountered.
Thanks! :D
I just posted a new protein data file. You can pick it up in the download area, or you can let EM just pick it up automatically.

Here's a list of the new proteins:

They're all worth 6.4 points... haven't seen any of them yet, hope they are fast points. ;)

EM checks on new stuff once a day, midnight to be exact, and will autodownload the latest protein file and notify you if there is a new updated EM program. You have to be connected to the internet for this to work. EM does not dial out and try to get this information. I've got some really cool stuff coming in the next update. I'm looking forward to finishing the beta tests.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out by donating to PayPal or used the ad links to purchase stuff. Everything goes to expanding and supporting the web site.
A new day, and another batch of new proteins. :D

I updated the protein data file and posted it. I haven't seen any of the new proteins yet, but I did get one in an email. Everyone has been great about sending in the new ones. You can visit the protein page to see if the one you get is listed on the site. If it is listed and it is green in color, I have it... otherwise please zip that puppy up and drop it in my mailbox. ;)

Thanks for all the help everyone has given me on keeping up with these things. I appreciate it very much. I am working on expanding the web site again thanks to the contributions I have been getting. Every donation counts and helps out. Big Thumbs Up to you all! :D

For those that keep a sample copy of a current.xyz file for each protein folded and monitored by EM, I am still looking for a couple of the protein samples:


If you happen to have one of these in your emprotein folder, please zip it up and send me a copy via email. My email address is on the EM web site.

Thanks for the help.