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elsa gladiac or 3d prophet geforce 3?

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Mar 19, 2001
the elsa gladiac is 30 bucks cheaper($399) then the 3d prophet 3; my friend chose the 3d prophet 3 (backorderd wont be gettinghis for a while) and we are having a little "contest" to see whos comp kicks the others *** (his is incomplete missing proc and graphics card) so which one should i get? i've heard a lot of good things about the 3d prophet but not much about the elsa gladiac. i dont suppose visiontek or leadtek produce better geforce 3 cards? and isnt asus going to or already are making one?
They are all the same for speed. The elsa gives you a free game with it.
The hercules has a modified blue orb.
In a recent test comparing the cooling effectiveness of the gf3 cards the visiontek came in as the coolest running (suprise).
neither. get a Asus V880. its about 15% faster the the prohpet and can overclock an extra 30% on the standard sinking (GIANT sink goes over Ram and GPU...unlike the reference design cards)
According to nvidia a cards ability to overclock the core is similar to a cpu sometimes you will get a better one than another.
Also heat is not the main factor in determining the overclockability of the gpu rather the gpu itself.
The memory will overclock higher cooler but overclocking it does not have any significant performace gain as with the geforce 2 cards.

I have Visiontek GF3. Very nice card for $399!
Clocks easily to 240/540. I running mine at 230/525 just to keep case temps down a bit.

Visiontek also has best benchmark scores of all GF3 cards so far!
hmmmm, i just read the 7 card shoot out (thanks da whip) and i have looked around a little bit at the prices and i am going to have to say that i will go with either the gainward, asus(deluxe), or visiontek. gainward came in first at being cheapest ($342)visiontek 2nd (348)and finally the asus ($409). the fan on the asus looked kinda crappy to me but it did perform well in the benchmarks, the visiontek was the coolest (temp), the gainward was the best when overclocked (i shouldnt really count on being able to overclock it too much). asus treated me well with their v7700 so i very well may get the asus geforce3. then again the 3d prophet scored the best in all benchmarks (at default speed). but its a 100 bucks more. oh well, it'll all depend on how much money i will have before i become too impatient to wait and break down and buy one. . .