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Empire Covers

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Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
I just wanted to post this up for anyone who is considering or who has purchased a cover from these guys. I bought a cover for our 2011 Camaro SS Convertible almost four years ago. I did a lot of searching locally and online, eventually settling on Empire. I ordered the cover with the longest warranty period since the price differences were fairly negligible. The cover has a 12-year warranty and works quite well outside; the wind is our biggest problem. It says it's waterproof, and it is. The cover stays on the car most of the time and is outside from April to Novemberish, so it sees a lot of weather and direct sunlight. We're just shy of four years in, and it is getting weak, tearing if it is pulled too hard so I contacted Empire.
It wasn't easy finding any warranty info, so I used their chat box, and the agent made it quite painless. If I were in the states I would have had to mail something in, but since I was in Canada, I just sent a couple of pics via chat, and my new cover is on the way.
The biggest note I would like to make here is to keep your original e-mail/invoice/receipt. Since I had mine, they will keep replacing the cover for the 12-year period. If I hadn't they would still honour the warranty replacement but only once.
I have a plastic file bucket for receipts, warranties, and instruction manuals for items that I purchase and that meet my requirement of "I wanna keep this make/model in my life" and for items that are expensive enough to want to have the vendor honor their written commitment. Not complicated, just a bucket with dividers that I audit from time to time to toss obsolete paper.

In 1973 I purchased the $29.99 Craftsman 100 pcs tool box. Still have all the pieces and parts and use them regularly. I've taken them up on their lifetime warranty 3 times over the years and had no issues with walking into a Craftsman dealer (Sears sold them some years ago to Stanley I think) and it has always been a hand swap, no paper work except to acknowledge the swap so the dealer can be reimbursed properly. Most recent was my almost 50-YO 3/8" ratchet lost it's ratchet power about 2-3 years ago.