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Enable Hyper Z for the Radeon 32 LE OEM

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New Member
Apr 12, 2001
You guys have convinced me to go and buy the LE OEM version of the card. My question is to clarify what I need to do inorder to enable the hyper Z function. Can the Radeon Tweaker program from Rage3D.com do this?

If someone can take the time to walk me through this process I would greatly appreciate it. Also I am assuming the OEM version of the card does not come with a fan. Hopefully it comes with a heat sink. Any suggestions of what fan to use??

Thanks for all your help.

just flash it with a retail BIOS, as in another post. done by earthdick, i do believe. I just responded to it.
1st off good choice on card, you could flash it but i just used Raid-on tweaker (dont know where i got it) you can enable hyper-z there and adjust MHZ.Either way it gets the job done, probably easier in the long run to flash it but im pretty lazy.The LE comes with no fan but a decent HS that should allow you to get to at least 166/166 with no added cooling (i did 175/175 before i added cooling). I just used a 50mm fan of an old p-75 i had laying around, i used an old heatsink to make rammsinks and got the card to 191/191 stable. (default for LE is 148/148).