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enabling "fast Write" for the AGP

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Apr 26, 2001
hi. what am i supposed to do to enable the fast writing feature for my AGP? Should that be made on bios settings? there is no "fast write" option there for the AGP. how can i enable it? thanks for helping.

VIA 694X Chipset
GeForce2 MX Asus AGP-V7100 32MB
Detonator3 official last drivers
VIA 4in1 with VxD in Turbo Mode
I have a CUV4x motherboard, and under the chipset option, there is a fastwrites option that can be enabled and disabled, if any of this helps, of course. :)
ok, thanks h2k. it actually helps for me to know where this feature is found but only makes me wonder a lot more about why my bios has not this feature.. i readed it only gets available if the video card supports fastwriting and thats exactly what GeForce2MX does but i cant enable it anyway. SiSoft Sandra also relates its supported by the VC but its not enabled. i have flashed my bios with a newer one and none the first or actual ones shows the fast write option. Is there anything else i should do?? The AGP is the PRO one so it must support the fast writing..
please, has anyone with this motherboard the "Fast Writes" option on BIOS?
thanks for helping.

check out the memory forum and there is a post 3rd oner down for now, called setting up memory in bios theres a good link in there that will explain everthing you want to know about bios settings helped me out on a few things too :) OOPS just realized that's your post in the memory section. informative web site though
yes, it helped me too.
i think the problem may be the fact my VIA chipset supports not the Fast Writes feature. Could it be that?

VIA Apollo Pro 133A: 694X
fast write only works if your agp display adapter supports this option on my PC this is set to no support i'm not sure if its a VIO thing hope this helps
in almost all casses u will not need this setting inabled
every thing i have read sayes to leave it disabled