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Enabling HDR

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Jan 24, 2011
Zebulon, North Carolina
I was watching a video on the recent PS4 4k/HDR stuff and I can't say I was initially interested in it other than keeping up with the times of consoles, since I have a 4k set up and have for awhile. But I decided to see what my old Day 1 PS4's HDR looked like over on my Sony 4k TV and I was blown away, I dare say the amoutn of detail that it was pushing to my eyes looked as good, if not better than my 4k monitor, at 4k on my PC on epic settings.

I decided to try the PS4 on my Samsung monitor and with HDR enabled on the PS4, it looks absolutely amazing, it looks better on my monitor+HDR Ps4 than my PC running the game at 4k on max settings. So, is there some way to enable HDR on my PC or...? is this something else?

I tried googling up stuff about enabling HDR for PC and didn't really find anything.

Game compared: Overwatch

I have a GTX 980 and Samsung U28D590D
It is pretty cool. I had to update my HT receiver to pass HDR/HDMI 2.0a and was playing some Shadow Warrior 2 on PC. It makes a huge difference with that game. I'm looking forward to AAA RPG games with HDR in the future. Good stuff!