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Enabling "No-K OC" feature in ASRock Z77 Extreme4 UEFI

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New Member
Aug 18, 2016

I have an i7-3770 and I would like to overclock it. I must open with that I am new to OC, and reading up on guides and tutorials to help me better understand the process.

Like I said, I have the i7-3770 and the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard. In the UEFI setup utility under the Overclocking section, there is a feature to enable "No-K OC", which is disabled under default settings. Before I enabled it, I ran CPU-Z and my CPU speed topped at 3800. After I enabled the "No-K OC" feature in the UEFI, I saw my CPU speed top at 4300 in CPU-Z. (I do have a Corsair H110v2 cooling system)

I did some gaming for two hours, and when I checked my temperatures in Corsair Link, everything looked good.

So.. is OC that simple with my setup? I mean, I find that hard to believe enabling a simple button did everything for me, especially when people mention the ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility. I tried to find more information about this "No-K OC" feature in UEFI, but haven't a whole lot of luck.

I appreciate the support!
AFIK that's all you need to do, seems your temps are good and appears stable. I think you'll find it only hit 4.3 on one core and 4.1 on all IIRC might vary from motherboard maker