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enabling Sideband

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Jan 16, 2001
Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Any one know of a program that will run under Win XP and allow me to enable sideband addressing on my m/b? Niether Powerstrip or the GeForce Tweaker will run under XP, and I can't enable sidebanding in the bios of my K7T Turbo m/b (ms-6330 v3).
You didn't mention which video card you're using, but there are a couple of different ways (as long as you know for a fact your card supports SBA). First, you can flash your cards' BIOS with a Nvidia reference BIOS which will enable SBA by default (although even though it's enabled in the BIOS doesn't necessarily mean it will be enabled within Windows). When using any of the newer Nvidia reference drivers, SBA will be disabled by the drivers themselves...and you'll have to resort to a registry hack to re-enable it.

This isn't a problem with the older drivers however...the registry hack isn't needed since the drivers don't disable SBA. If you don't want to flash your cards' BIOS, you can either use RivaTuner to enable the registry hack...or you can do it manually.

RivaTuner will find the correct registry key and add the following "Dword" for you..."EnableAGPSBA" (without the quotes). When I was running XP, the "Dword" was added to the following key...

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SYSTEM | ControlSet001 | Control | Video | {E68453B9-B7FD-46B0-A484-B18CF6C4C833} | 0000]

...and a value of "1" (without the quotes) is given to the SBA "Dword".

On your particular system, the path may be slightly different...that's why I recommend using RT to enable the hack instead of trying to do it manually. Make sure to reboot for the change to take effect. You can download the newest version of RT here...


You can find all the BIOS flash utilities you'll need in order to flash your cards' BIOS here at Ray Adam's site...

http://www.x-bios.3dgames.ru/ ;)
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