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SOLVED End of Firefox might be coming for some of us

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I don't do much customizing anyway, but with recent revelations about Opera being Chinese now and Vivaldi being from the creators of Opera, I'm going to give it a shot.
Example :

Fair adblock turned on - wowhead.com

Fair adblock turned on with right click cleaning - wowhead.com

Kenrou, brah, need you to post here and help Firefox people reproduce what you're talking about so we can see what's going on with uBlock not being able to do what you said, and also help figure out a way for Firefox to do what you said, since it's a legit feature you posted:
I told you as far as i know only Fair Adblocker does that and it only works in Chrome, hence why i moved to it :confused: i have tried several others over the years, adblock/pro/plus, adguard, ublock/origin, Opera's built-in and other less known. It does not hide, it completely blocks it from loading and shows only empty space where it was, you can click it and it won't do anything.

Here's the process if it helps any :



Can you get me a page address they can replicate right now, Kenrou?
Can you get me a page address they can replicate right now, Kenrou?

? Doesn't matter what you pick, the point is to block the stuff that the Adblock misses. That said I used Wowhead.com on the 1st post because the damned website has so many adds it's infuriating...
Would you please take screenshots of the exact current page and post that page's address since your original example cannot be replicated on their main page.
Just pick something that will be up for a day. And take two screenshots.
Kenrou, they are telling me that uBlock can do it, but confusing me with the second part:

"you have ublock installed so get familiar with it:

at least a lot of your current extensions are not working or buggy.
read the comments please on the associated addon-pages"
i saw your reply on the forum, i also posted but apparently i have to wait for confirmation (new member and all i assume). That stuff is so confusing it's a small wonder no one knows it exists. Seems it has a "debug" mode in that you can pick and choose what lines of code you can stop from loading ? a more in-depth way to do what Fair does.
Yea well it's not intuitive, is it?
I mean I didn't make much effort but I couldn't do it quick and on the fly. Could you?
Probably not right away but learning and experience is everything in life, everyone should get there eventually ;) I'm more surprised that this option isn't more readily available in other adblocks/browsers regardless of brand, it's very useful.

How goes the hunt for another "moddable" browser ?
Well uBlock has a right click option to Block Element.
But I don't know how easy it is for you on Chrome but uBlock kind of gives you all these options to block and you can't really see what you're blocking.
But they're saying uBlock blows others away, I mean I knew that from before but I still think it should be easier to right click block an element, but I don't know how easy it is for you on Chrome to compare.

As for Browser. This is *really* going to be interesting because they all freely admit over there that a $**storm the likes of which they've never seen is coming in November when Firefox cuts of the bulk of their user base.

I think things are clear. When Fx57 is released in November, we will all switch to Firefox ESR which will not implement Fx57 restrictions until June of 2018.
There's no question where everyone will be in June of 2018: on Firefox ESR. There is no other browser that can match what we built for over a decade inside our Firefox profiles. So many modifications, little things, I have a listfull.

The question is what after June 2018. Everyone is saying SeaMonkey, but no one knows how long SeaMonkey will last before it implements Fx57 restrictions.
After SeaMonkey kills support to our extensions, it'll be open season on a new web browser for millions of today's Firefox users.

I think whichever one is the most modifiable will win. As simple as that. Stay tuned. I'll be posting in this thread what I find a year from now.
Well Chrome is exactly as easy as you see in the screens, right-click, hover over the place you want to block and select it. Job done, takes a couple seconds. The ad blocker itself is as fast as uBlock Origin but on the other hand not as good on the point that you can't select different trackers, only uses its built-in which I assume it's Easylist+custom. The right click option makes more sense in that there will always be stuff that escapes the blocker and you can DIY. So a tad more practical maybe ?

In regards to Firefox why not simply not update ? Keep the last/best version for as long as you can until you find something better.
Do you see how in uBlock you basically are selecting a gray screen, do you also get that?
So in Chrome you get the full screen so you can easily see what you're blocking... or? Do you see how uBlock has an invisible gray screen when you right click to Block element? That's not intuitive at all. Can you confirm that?

Firefox ends with Firefox 56 because in Fx57, they are switching to something that will make it impossible to modify the Firefox browser like before.
We are using Firefox ONLY because we can modify it. That's it. No modification - no Firefox.

But Firefox has an ESR version for companies who prefer stability over newest features. So that ESR version will last until June of 2018 with security updates but without the latest features like the extension killer coming in Fx57.
So people will use Firefox ESR until June 2018 because they can still modify Firefox ESR because features-wise it will be based on Fx52 until June 2018. Once that is done, they will not stay with Firefox because we have no emotional attachment to Firefox, it's just practical, modifications.
Sweet sweet modifications.
But no more after June of 2018.
So new Firefox 55 did kill one of my mods, I like to have new TABs cloned instead of empty.
I deleted my Firefox 55 profile and copy-pasted my saved Firefox 54 profile, becasue you are not supposed to go over 54 with current Firefox ESR and I installed Firefox ESR 52:
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/?q=English (US)

It is exact same but working and updated Firefox based on Fx52 [so without new features of Fx53, Fx54 and Fx55] and now I'm good until June of 2018 and will not be using Firefox 55 or 56.
So I'm out of Firefox regular versions as of now. I've been using it for 15 years.
They just reported that SeaMonkey started displaying yellow marks of death for all their extensions too. People were counting on jumping ship to SeaMonkey and now that's that's not going to happen either.
C6, concerning your comment about just staying with FireFox 56 and being more vigilant about malware and viruses, that's not the only issue with using an outdated browser version. Eventually, the coding technology of the Internet changes enough that you won't be able to open some web pages. It will be like trying to use IE 8 today.

Aside from the plugin issue, I keep gravitating back to Opera. Used Chrome for a long time but it gets more and more resource hungry and even with a 7600k/4.8 ghz/16 gb of ram I was noticing lag when viewing certain web pages because of high CPU usage. I reset Chrome to default and it didn't really help. Not having those issues with Opera. It's fast and I like the clean look of the user interface.