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Enermax 350w Whipser, what temp does 2nd fan kick in?

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Jan 25, 2001
For those of you who have the Enermax 350w WHISPER model, at what temps (mainly cpu) does the 2nd can kick in?

When I plug the PSU into the mobo, both fans are on 24/7
when I do not plug it in, and place the termal sensor (the little green thing is the sensor right?) around the cpu... only the bottom fan spins and the back never spins. Normal temps are 44C but they go as high as 48C because of no PSU exaust. When under load my CPU goes up to 52+ and yet the 2nd fan does not kick in.

So either have it on 24/7, or never on..... I thought it's suppose to kick on when temps got high?
You have to plug it into the mobo, thats where it gets its power. The temp sensor controls the speed of the fan. Plug it in and compare rpm's with the probe in a hot spot versus a cool spot. It never shuts off though.