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Enermax 430 not cutting it??

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Jun 22, 2001
hmmm...my enermax 430 doesn't seem to be cutting it...can't get much past 1.6 (win boots, but super unstable) even with high volt, and at high FSB my vid card seems to be sucking air instead of power...won't initialize moniter half the time...my 5V line drops from 4.91 to 4.8 something too...come on hoot...I was supposed to be able to through anything at this, whats going on??
I thought I was crazy.. but, I seem to be noticing the same thing. I get drop off on my 5v clear down to 4.53 if I try to run at 1533 (1ghz o/c). I have to back off to 1466 just to keep the system stable (4.61v). I haven't done a voltage mod yet.. so.. I shouldn't be getting so much drop off. I'm going to implement the 5v fix and see if it helps.. but.. I wonder what is up with this p/s.

I heard its not amd reccomended...someone says its cause they havnt tested it yet..but im having my doubts...
I have an enermax EG365P dual fan psu and have not had any problems at all with it ,so far I have gone as high as 1.56 ghz with my 1ghz axia I am very happy with my Enermax psu.
For the most part I'm happy too...the thing is, my generic 300 watt supply seemed to do about as well...I was hoping the enermax would allow me to through in the extra harddrive that my 300 kept choking on...but, it seems to barely be able to...the system at least boots....but then it crawls....