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Enermax 431 heat issues

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New Member
Jul 18, 2001
right, so i just got a amd 1.33 an epox 8kha and an enermax 431 whisper. Now, i was havning some heat issues with the chip...then i got the thermalright sk-6 so that is all fine now.

BUT...now i get heat issues with my HDD's, CD-r, and DVD! After about 30 min of power these devices will heat up unbelievaly (too hot to touch). It is localized around the power connector for each device. I've got an IBM and a MAXTOR HDD's and a Hitachi DVD and an ACER CD-r/rw.

has anyone seen this b4? is there a setting or sumtin i have to change? I really like my enermax, it's quiet (although i cant hear anything over the delta on the sk-6, lol) and it's got numerous connectors, it's really nice. but wtf is this problem?!?


You might do a search for Enermax fans in the Forums. I've read at least two posts that tell you how to open the PS, and then change a setting, wire connection or something so that both fans run all of the time.

**Warning** Open PS's are hazardous to your health.
There should be a little white thermometer thingy. Strip the wires and twist them together to get them to run all the time