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Enermax 431W Switching PS exhaust fan not running

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Jan 4, 2001
I have the following power supply:
Enermax 431W Switching PS Low Noise, ATX 2.03 Compliance, AMD Athlon & Intel P4 Ready. EG465P-VE (FC)

The problem is the rear exhaust fan isn't running. Now, this PS has a temp sensor and a 3-pin plug for rpm monitoring. I don't have the 3-pin plugged into my MoBo. Is the rear exhaust fan set to come one at a certain temp? Thanks, Kent :)
enermax fan

Something like that. The fan doesn't need to be plugged in. I just cut the thermistor off and reconnected the wires. fan's at full speed now.
OK. Thanks. I think there are two wires connecting to the sensor. Just cut the sensor off and connect the two wires? If I want the fan running all the time that is. My case is a Lian-Li PC60 and my inside case temps are very low, so it might not ever kick on, right??? Thanks, Kent :)
PSU fan

Yeah, connect 'em and tape it up with electrical tape or shrink wrap. For those of us with good case airflow, the fan would never come on otherwise.
Having the fan plugged into the mobo header isn't too great either. Let the system get so hot it kept crashing. Unplugged it is working fine.
Just out of curiousity, does someone know what temp your case has to get to for the fan to kick on? My case temps(Lian-Li PC60) usually run around 33C and the fan has never kicked on. Thanks, Kent :)
while we are on the subject of Emermax 431W, Mine is supplying less voltage than my old 350W...???

+5V line is down to 4.93V
+12V line is down to 12.01V

any ideas....???

Here is my old 350W voltages.
I wasn't expecting a great increase, but I never expected a decrease in voltages with a more powerfull PSU.
I looked high and low on the enermax site for those values and couldn't find what ENERMAX sets the PS fan to kick on at what temps???